EUPHORE Chamber B Valencia, EUPHORE (CEAM Foundation), 17th-18th November 2008.


On 3rd-5th March 2008, a HONO invited expert workshop was held in Wuppertal were the importance of the role of HONO in the atmosphere together with a review of the techniques used for its measurement were treated. Although there is a huge number of techniques for measuring HONO, big discrepancies between data obtained with some of them have been previously reported. During the workshop there was a meeting about carrying out a formal intercomparison campaign for the detection of HONO: FIONA (Formal Intercomparisons of Observations of Nitrous Acid)

A second meeting was held at CEAM in May 6th 2008 attended by Kevin Clemitshaw (RHUL), Theo Brauers (FZJ), Hans-Peter Dorn (FZJ), Amalia Muñoz (CEAM), Mila Ródenas (CEAM) and other members of the EUPHORE staff (CEAM). As a consequence, it was decided to carry out the first FIONA campaign at the EUPHORE chambers (Valencia-Spain) within the Eurochamp-2 project.

The aim of the FIONA campaign is to intercompare HONO measurements from different instruments under typical urban and semi-rural conditions with emphasis on both, the chemistry and the interferences of the methodologies involved.

Due to the high number of groups (more than 20) from different countries interested in participating in the campaign it became necessary to organize a technical workshop in order to better coordinate the campaign and deal with the needed adaptations and modifications of the EUPHORE chamber.
The technical workshop about the intercomparison took place in Valencia in November 17th-18th 2008.



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